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  • How to Choose the Right Bedside Table For Your Space - So You Don’t Regret Later

    Bedside tables nowadays have become an essential part of our bedrooms. Without them, beds don’t even look complete to us. So, it’s almost safe to say that, yes, we do need them beside our beds.

    But you can’t pick any pretty-looking side table even if it’d sit right with your bed. And if you buy it anyways, you’re looking to regret it when you realise what you missed.

    Here are some crucial factors to consider while choosing the right bedside table for your bedroom.

    Height of Bedside Table

    Your bedside table’s height should be within the 5 cm to 10 cm range from your mattresses’ top level. However, ideally, both of them should be at the same level.

    Following either of the rules ensures maximum comfort, both in sitting and lying positions, for picking or putting an item on your side table.

    But of course, your needs can play a role in deciding its height and size. For example, imagine if you wanted to use your side tables as your work tables too.

    Size of Bedside Table

    If your bed has a thick back to provide extra storage, then your bedside table’s depth should ideally match your bed’s back. In the opposite situation, your table shouldn’t cover any further than your face when lying in bed.

    Generally, you can expect a bedside table to be anywhere from 25 cm to 45 cm deep.

    The length of custom bedside tables can even extend to the adjacent wall. It really depends on the overall interior design plan for your bedroom.

    The premade bedside tables, however, come in lengths of 45 cm to 74 cm, depending on the bed size you’re going after.

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    Storage Space And Needs Consideration

    Think carefully about everything you want to store in your bedroom within your hand’s reach. Your wallet and some important day-to-day work papers can be some good examples.

    Depending on the amount and size of your desired storable stuff, you can go for anywhere between 10% to 100% extra on storage to compensate for any future storage needs.

    Now, how you divide that storage space in terms of drawers and cabinets is entirely up to you.

    By the way, while at it, you should also consider the surface area of the table’s top as well for your even more accessible storage needs (like your phone, reading glasses, water bottle, etc.).

    Should You Get One or Two Bedside Tables?

    Typically, one table on either side of your bed is the best option since it adds symmetry to your room. And many people consciously or subconsciously take symmetry or balance for beauty.

    But if you don’t have enough space for entertaining this idea or if your bed is attached to a wall on one side, then you have no choice but to get only one bedside table.

    Design of Your Bedside Table

    Bedside tables come in many designs, and your choice of one depends on two factors - your taste and the overall look of your room.

    Needless to say, your table must complement your bed. Otherwise, your table will look odd no matter how great of a taste you have.

    Here’s a quick list of some common table types:

    • Bedside Cabinet
    • Block Style Bedside Table
    • Open-shape Bedside Table
    • Baroque Nightstand
    • Shaker Style Bedside Table
    • Mid-century Modern Bedside Table
    • Contemporary Bedside Table
    • C-shape Bedside Table
    • Pedestal Bedside Table
    • Floating Nightstand
    • Chair Nightstand

    In conjunction with the table’s design, you must also consider the table’s colour. It doesn’t have to match your bed’s colour, but it must not feel out of place… as if you had forced that table inside the room to merely fill the space.

    And same rules go for selecting their material. Since bedside tables are not permanently fixed with your beds, you can choose to get a less sturdy table to save money - as long as it looks right in your bedroom.

    By the way, our bedside tables range from $260 AUD - $940 AUD. You must check them out here.

    Required Functionality by Your Bedside Table

    You don’t necessarily want to have bedside tables for storage only. Maybe you want them for only decorative purposes. Perhaps you want to put a cute nightlamp over them.

    Creating spaces for your work or makeup are also good functions that a right bedside table can serve for you.

    So, figure out your multipurpose (if any) desires for your side table. Check the required dimensions of the table to serve those purposes. Then buy a bedside table accordingly.


    Choosing the right bedside table for your bedroom depends on your available space, the room’s overall look & vibe, and any secondary needs that you want to be fulfilled through your bedside tables.

    Anyway, we’re confident that you’ll love our collection of bedside tables here!