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  • Styling for the Hamptons

    If you’re looking to give your home a classic Hamptons style, there are some key elements to consider. The first is to use a color palette that reflects the coastal location. Opt for a combination of soft blues, sandy cream tones and natural wood furniture pieces. Finish off your look with simple white accents and minimal accessories like a white vase or lantern.

    When it comes to furniture, incorporate pieces with an airy, light feel. Choose items with curved lines and textured fabrics, such as wicker or rattan. Look for natural wood furniture with a whitewashed finish, and keep an eye out for vintage pieces like footstools or low-level coffee tables. To really set the tone, add a few nautical-inspired pieces like a rope-wrapped side table or a ship’s wheel mirror.

    Next, don’t forget about the lighting! Add a mix of floor and wall lamps in wooden frames and white shades to illuminate the room without overpowering it. Then, for a touch of Hamptons luxury, hang a sparkling chandelier from the ceiling.

    Finally, don’t forget to inject some life into your Hamptons style. Hang some artwork from local artists around the room, show off plants and greenery, or choose bright patterned cushions to add a bit of colour. With the right elements added, you’ll have achieved the perfect Hamptons decor style in no time!