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  • The Most Comfortable Chair Ever

    The most comfortable chair ever is the Stressless Recliner. This luxurious leather recliner is designed to provide ultimate comfort and ergonomic support while cradling your body in a cloud of relaxation. Its patented gliding system, reclining comfort and adjustable lumbar support make it one of the best chairs on the market when it comes to comfort.

    Along with the special gliding system, the Stressless Recliner features a contoured backrest that adjusts with the push of a button to your desired level of support for your lower back. The signature star-shaped base makes sure it stays firmly planted in one place, and its adjustable neck support provides additional comfort for your neck and shoulders. You can also choose from multiple cushioning options, from softer and more plush models to firmer ones that provide ample support.

    No matter how much time you spend sitting in the Stressless Recliner, you can always expect to feel like you’re in a cloud of relaxation. Between its innovative design and superior craftsmanship, there’s no doubt that this is the most comfortable chair ever made.