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  • Top 5 Tips for Finding the Right Home Builder

    You've decided to build your dream home, and chances are you've heard all the stories about the problems that come from not hiring the right home builder.

    We take the guesswork out of finding the right builder for your new build by sharing the top 5 tips for ensuring professional service and a positive building experience. 

    1. Reputation

    When you're researching a new appliance, one of the first things you do is read reviews to better understand others' experience of it. When choosing a construction company, we recommend reading reviews, speaking to past clients and looking at some of their builds to gauge their reputation.

    A builder who has a good reputation will be happy to share a portfolio and other client details with you to make informed choices. 

    1. Budget

    When we're talking budget, we're referring to both yours and the builders budget. You will find that there are builders with expertise in building for first-home buyers, luxury builds, custom design or mid-range projects.

    Approaching a builder that specialises in house and land packages at set prices are unlikely to have the budget or business model to do a custom build. 

    Further to this, when considering your budget, compare prices carefully because cheaper isn't necessarily the best choice. Ask questions and ensure you have all the information you need for making the best choice for your new build.

    1. Location

    When finding the right builder for your new home, look at builders that construct homes within your chosen area. This is ideal for several reasons, including having homes in the area already built that you can take a look at their craftsmanship.

    Builders out of the area are more likely to bring extra costs and experience possible delays on site. For this reason, finding a builder that's well represented in your area of choice is expected to give you the best outcomes.

    1. Experience

    If you know your builders' experience, you will better understand what they are capable of. If your chosen company only has expertise in renovations and has never done a complete build from scratch before, they may not be the right choice for you. 

    Alternatively, if they have only done commercial builds before, will that business have the right expertise to create precisely what you want for your home? Before signing any contracts, take the time to research the company and understand what their builders can bring to your construction project.

    1. Personality

    While this is the last point, it is by no means least important; it's one of the most crucial when looking to build. When you think about it, you're going to be spending many months with your builder, so you want to know that you're going to build a rapport with them, especially if you're present at the site regularly.

    It's vital to the project that you can communicate comfortably with the builder heading the construction to discuss ideas, changes, and how you want to move forward. 

    While getting a quote and researching builders, you will likely get a feel for who they are and know whether you can forge a long-term professional relationship with them.