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  • The Importance & Benefits of Home Storage

    When designing a new build, getting the right amount of storage infused into your floorplan is essential, regardless of how large your home will be. While there are budget and living areas to consider, cutting out spaces to store your items, especially with a family, will add to the chaos of living.

    There are many benefits from incorporating solutions that best support your living. Getting the opportunity to do this from scratch allows you to get creative and utilise your floorplan well.

    Why the Need for Home Storage?

    Your attention when building your home is often on making living spaces work for your family, which means storage is often overlooked unless it's in the kitchen. 

    Whether you're a couple or a large and growing family, there is an appeal for having as much storage as you can that's accessible to help you maintain a more organised home. It's more relaxing, and if you work from home as many are in the current climate, you feel you have room to breathe.

    One of the benefits of having a space for everything is that cleaning becomes more manageable, which is a win for any sized home. However, when there is a lack of storage, if you look to sell, it can be detrimental to your sale because potential buyers want smartly designed homes with somewhere to stock their items without adding them themselves.

    Home Storage Tips for Inspired Design

    Adding storage to your home isn't just bigger pantries, storage rooms and attic space. There are many other ways to customise your build to make the best use of different areas of your home.

    Tip 1: Put built-in floor to ceiling shelves behind your bed that acts as storage and a bedhead. Mix it up with open shelves and covered sections.

    Tip 2: Build in bench seats in your kitchen are the perfect place for storing kitchen linens and other items while also being an intelligent seating option for your dining table.

    Tip 3: Use built-in shelving as a room divider that not only adds intimacy to your home without blocking out light and gives you room to store books.

    Tip 4: Use space under stairs by putting in shelves, hangers or drawers. There is potential for an otherwise unused area to add a lot of usable space for storing toys, linens, books or coats. 

    Tip 5: Quite the innovative solution is creating storage out of some of your stair tread. This is perfect for storing shoes, especially if by the garage or front door. These are stored safely away but still easily accessible.

    Tip 6: Use ceiling space in your garage by adding cage shelving to the roof, ideal for placing cases and Christmas trees and decorations that aren't used frequently.

    Tip 7: Add extra cupboards to your laundry where you can stock items like ironing boards, cleaning products, paper towels and even your bath towels and linens.

    House Designs that Work for Your Needs

    At Villa Noir, we curate the best furniture to create storage solutions that work for you. Including these in your home with the initial build will help you start off right in your new home and enjoy living clutter-free.