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  • Ways to Achieve the Perfect Facade

    While the saying goes, 'never judge a book by its cover,' having street appeal when it comes to your home plays a huge role in making first impressions and if you're ever looking to sell.

    Apart from keeping your facade looking great for others, you will love your home more if it reflects your style inside and out while also being easier to care for. 

    With our experience in building and design, we understand the importance of aesthetics, comfort and style, which is why the Villa Noir team want to help you get it right the first time. Follow our simple approach to inspired design to give your house the street cred it deserves.

    Choosing Facade Ideas that Inspire

    While the choice of finish is one of the most essential aspects of your facade design, it's also the things that seem small that have the most impact. Whether you choose a modern, Hamptons or art deco look, follow our simple steps for the perfect facade:

    1. Extra Wide Front Door

    Your choice of a door says a lot about your home and is sometimes seen as an afterthought. It's a focal point of your facade, and using an extra-wide option is not only practical but will give your home the look of luxury.

    Your choice of materials it's made from shouldn't be overlooked either. Brushed aluminium gives a modern feel, whereas timbre gives your facade an organic aesthetic.

    1. Choose Roofing Wisely

    While there is nothing better than the sound of rain on a Colorbond roof, is this the right choice for your exterior? Your roof is usually more than half of your home's facade and should be considered wisely.

    Tiles are traditional, while Colorbond is timeless. Tiles add texture to your exterior; however, if you like clean lines and a product designed to last and withstand Australia's ever-changing climate, then Colorbond is the right choice.

    1. Colour

    Infusing a little colour into your facade will make your home have some great street cred. However, you need to do it smartly and stick with mostly neutral colours for long-term appeal. If you do choose a currently on-trend darker hue, make sure you use a lighter contrasting colour to break it up a little. 

    1. Good Lighting

    While lighting throughout the day is determined by the sun, the evening is defined by your choice. During the months when you're coming home in the dark, you want them to turn on when you come home for practicality’s sake and using a smart system can help you achieve this. 

    Aside from practicality, using the right type of lighting for your facade can highlight columns with soft illumination, your driveway, your garden with low-level lighting, and other features.

    Make your Facade Look Perfect with Endless Options

    There are endless options for making your facade look unique yet well designed. Each of our ideas will help you move forward in starting the process of uplifting your exterior. However, our design division will help you create a home that the neighbours will be envious of by using our experienced team and 3D Visualisation.